After you name your new campaign and select a template, the next step is the actual design of your newsletter. This article walks you through the functions of the Email Campaign Editor.

Pick the newsletter design

The default newsletter color theme is white and gray, but you can easily change the colors according to your brand identity. Pick one of the color combinations from the ready-made designs or make your own by picking the colors, fonts, and borders from the custom design widget.

Drag & drop to add elements

This is an easy way to build your newsletter. Pick the element and drag it to your email area. The green fields will show the places available - drop the element there.

Delete elements

You can delete an element by clicking the trash bin icon directly on the element.

Add / delete menu items

Menu items can be customized. You can add texts and links by clicking on them, rearrange, leave just one or two by deleting others or remove them all.

Adding products with Product Picker

A Product Picker is one of the most favorite features of our clients. It automatically adds products to your newsletter complete with pictures, descriptions, and pricing.

Use the Product picker button:

Or click on the cart icon:

The layouts

The layout of products added depends on a template you selected in the 1st step. You can choose from a number of different templates, all of which can be flexibly edited (content can be added, removed, rearranged).

Scratch card template contains a Scratch Card inside. You can set it up and entertain your subscribers by organizing a lottery seamlessly.

Editing product details

Click on a product added and change the picture, description and prices if you wish to. It happens that descriptions of products in one row are not equally long. Shorten ones or lengthen the others to create a sense of order and make the newsletter more appealing. Long descriptions will be shortened to 200 symbols with spaces.

Text editor

When editing copyrighting, you can select styles, size, color, alignment and insert links. 

Designing for mobile devices

As many of your subscribers will read the newsletter on their mobile devices, we made our all templates responsive. To see how your newsletter will look, click “Preview” and "Mobile" on the top of the page.

Email footer

Edit your Company's info (Commercial newsletters are required to have a physical mailing address in order to comply with CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Law)). You can edit the address by clicking on it, but be sure not to leave it blank. , add links to your social media profiles and customize your Unsubscribe message all in one place. Here you can also edit your Footer Settings.

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