When building a newsletter campaign, the step for choosing the right template follows just after giving a title for the campaign. Pre-built templates save your time and minimize the efforts needed to create a good-looking newsletter. In the next steps, you can customize them according to your needs - choose the colors that match your brand, add additional elements, fill it with content and you're ready to go!

Templates vary in terms of layout. Depending on the purpose of your campaign, specifics of products or mood, choose the one that looks the best for you and feel free to experiment next time.

Since the launch of our New Campaign Editor back in November 2016, modern and fully customizable templates are now available. They can be found under Standard templates tab:

  • London
  • Atlanta
  • New York
  • Los Angeles

The Scratch Card is now available for all the Premium plan users as a content block in the new editor's Content step.

Under Saved templates you will find all those you have created and saved to be used later as your own templates with your custom design.

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