Have you ever created a campaign template that is so awesome you would love to save it and use it again in the future? It is possible with Omnisend Campaign Editor.

Where Can I Save my Template? 

Go to Create Campaign - Step 3 - Content. Add the elements, text and image blocks of your preference. Set the fonts, colors, background. When you are happy with the results, scroll down and click on the arrow next to "Save" to get the option "Save as template":

Once you click on Save as template you will get the options how to save it - as a new template or an existing template, and to give it a name:

After you name your template, click on Save and you will get the confirmation that your new template has been saved:

From now, when you go to Create Campaign page, on Step 2 - Template, you will have there your saved templates available:

Now, all you have to do is use your imagination and create your own templates.

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