When building a newsletter campaign, the step for choosing the right template follows just after giving a title for the campaign. Pre-built templates save your time and minimise the efforts needed to create a good-looking newsletter. In the next steps, you can customise them according to your needs - choose the colours that match your brand, add extra elements, fill it with content, and you're ready to go!

Templates vary in layout. Depending on the purpose of your campaign, specifics of products or mood, choose the one that looks the best for you and feel free to experiment next time.

You can find our modern and fully customisable templates under the Standard templates tab:

  • London
  • Atlanta
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Stockholm

Adjustable width of default templates

It is also possible to change the width of the template for your future Campaigns.

The default width of our templates is 640px.
Minimum width is 300px, and Maximum width is 1000px.

Please, be aware that the width might be not supported with certain devices and your email might look distorted, we recommend you to test it before sending your campaign.

In order to adjust the width of the default template, please follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the Email Editor.
  2. Go to the Design tab > Custom Design > Global Styles > Body.

Under Saved templates you will find all those you have created and saved to be used later as your own templates with your custom design.

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