When you use Omnisend, your subscribers list will grow and you will need more and more email credits for your ecommerce email marketing activities.

Explaining mailing credits

You use as many credits as you have subscribers for your email campaign. Also, you need email credits for your Automation workflows. Welcome Email, Cart Recovery and other automated emails use email credits as well.

Credit limits

The amount of email credits depends on your number of subscribers as well as the pricing plan.

  • Free users have 15,000 credits every month for free. Daily send limit - 2,000.
  • The number of credits that Standard users have depends on the number of subscribers they have. 
  • Pro plan users gives you Unlimited emails per month. 

For both paid plans you can always see this information in your Account Settings and by using the Omnisend billing calculator.

Refilling mailing credits

If you run out of mailing credits before your billing month ends, you can refill them. Once you go to send your campaign, Omnisend will automatically inform you if you are running out of mailing credits and direct you to the refill button.

If you are on the Free plan, you will be offered to upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan. Depending on the number of subscribers, the system will automatically determine the price of your paid plan. You will get the credits you need immediately after upgrading.

If you are on the Standard plan and ran out of credits, you can easily buy more credits to use till the end of the current billing cycle. Just navigate to My Account and click Charge now.

The price for Charge now is calculated with the following formula:
Total monthly price * (left days till the end of billing cycle / days of the month) = Charge Now price.

We add mailing credits with the following formula:
Number of monthly credits * (1/weeks till the end of billing cycle) = extra credits added after Charge Now.

To learn more about how these charges work, refer to article on charges for paid plans.

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