Segmentation enables you to send targeted newsletters to different segments of subscribers.

Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Go to Subscribers tab > Segments > Create a segment.
  2. Name the new segment and add a description. For example, you would like to create a segment of men living in New York and send a special newsletter for them. Let's name the new segment accordingly.
  3. Select the attributes. Selected attributes will be a criteria for your new segment. Following our example, the first attribute is gender (it will be a segment of men subscribers) value is equal to male.

Now add more attributes to make your new segment more detailed by clicking "Add another rule".

You can add several values for the selected attribute and have, for example, subscribers from several cities in one segment.

When all the needed attributes are selected, click "Create segment" and you're done!

A new segment appears in the list of all segments. Now you're ready to create a newsletter and send it to a targeted audience.

You can always modify your segments in the Settings tab of the specific segment.

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