Omnisend synchronizes data with your store, so contacts of your subscribers are automatically added to Omnisend. In addition to this, you can import contacts from file or other services.

Import from file

In order to import subscribers successfully, the file has to be set up properly. All info of each subscriber should go in one separate row and each column should contain a single type of information, e.g., First name, Last name, City, etc. Just like in the example:

You can download an example spreadsheet (attachment in the right sidebar) and just fill with your data.

Follow these steps to import subscribers from file:

  1. Select the list you want to add subscribers to or create a new one.
  2. Write a name of your list and click "Create list"
  3. Click "Import subscribers"

4. Click "Import subscribers from file".

5. Browse file and upload the file with subscribers you want to import. The file can be in .csv .xls .xslx .ods format.

6. Next step is setting the attributes. Attributes help us to map the data from your file. Select the right ones from the drop-down list. Most important, don't forget to map the email address!

Once the attribute is set, it will be marked as mapped.

7. Now choose the preferred import options.

Update existing - subscribers that are in your lists already will be updated with the new info.

Import new subscribers only - subscribers that are in your lists already will be skipped and their info will not be updated.

Choose to Import first row if there are no headings of columns in your file. Otherwise, select No.

8. Click Import and you're done! Your subscribers will start importing.

Once the import is complete, you will see the report. It indicates how many subscribers were on your file, how many of them were new, updated or skipped.

9. Add more subscribers to your lists whenever you want. Click on the List you want to update and go to "Add subscribers" tab.

Import from other services

We made it fast and easy to import subscribers from other email marketing services to Omnisend. See how to import subscribers from MailChimp.

You can also watch a video about import from your shop, a file and Mailchimp

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