This article explains how you can manage your lists created in Omnisend. You can find your lists by navigating to Subscribers > Lists. Choose the list you want to manage.

After selecting a subscriber or more, main functions appear:


Do you want to have the same subscriber in several lists? Select Copy in the menu. The drop-down list appears below - select your list where you want to paste the contact of the subscriber. Click "Confirm".

Important: once the subscriber unsubscribes, he will be marked as unsubscribed in all the lists.


You can move selected subscribers to another list. This function is available in all lists except All subscribers.

After selecting "Move", pick the list where you want to move them.


This is easy - you select all the unwelcome subscribers and click Unsubscribe. They will not receive your emails anymore.

Delete is a very similar function. The difference is that your deleted items can be restored anytime.

Clear selection

Clicking on this button you will deselect all the subscribers selected.

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