What is Cart Recovery?

The goal of Cart Recovery emails is to encourage online shop’s visitor to complete the order. Once a customer leaves a cart with products and does not complete a purchase, Omnisend sends an email reminder.

What is an abandoned cart, and when does it count as lost?

A cart becomes abandoned when it meets all of these 3 rules:

  • A cart contains at least 1 product;
  • The order is not completed;
  • Cart was not updated for 30 minutes (no products were added/removed from the cart).

A cart recovery email is automatically sent 30-60 minutes after the cart was abandoned. A single visitor can receive only one cart recovery email in 24 hours. If a visitor abandons two carts in 24 hours, he (or she) will not receive a 2nd email.

How does Omnisend track visitors and their abandoned carts?

At the moment, we track those visitors who:

  • Have clicked any link in your "Omnisend" newsletter (this means that they are already your subscribers)
  • Or have subscribed using your "Omnisend" Signup Form (becomes a new subscriber).

After your subscriber completes at least one of the steps (mentioned above), we place a cookie in his web browser. It allows us to recognize him (or her) when the cart is lost.

Email template

This is how the default Cart Recovery template looks like. You can edit it whenever you want - just go to Ecommerce tab and enable Cart Recovery Email. Just after enabling it the new window opens. Check the box "Use discount code" if you consider to offering a discount within your email. Enter the discount code and discount text. Have in mind that the same text will be shown in the email.

If you are not going to offer a discount to every client, click the button "Get started". Either edit the subject line, customize the email according to your brand style or launch it as it is by clicking on the button "Save and Continue".

How can I achieve better results?

It is very important to understand that after the Cart recovery is enabled, it must be “warmed up”. This means that you need to spread as many cookies as possible - send more newsletters, order Omnisend Signup Box. Day by day the number of subscribers (who have your tracking cookie) will increase.

More cookies → More abandoned carts tracked → More cart reminder emails sent → More carts recovered.

Here are the examples of successful Cart Recovery emails. Also, read more about Cart Recovery Series.

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