Cart Recovery Series will help you recover up to 131% more abandoned shopping carts than a single email reminder. It is similar to the simple Cart Recovery, except Cart Recovery Series sends three emails instead of one.

A Cart Recovery workflow also applies to Cart Recovery Series, you can find all the details here. 

Cart Recovery Series emails are sent:

  • 1 hour after a cart is abandoned
  • after 12 hours
  • after 24 hours

Once the order is complete, your customer will stop receiving Cart Recovery Series emails.

Cart Recovery Series emails show products that were left in a cart. Emails are customizable, so you can design them the way you like, write your own copy and implement your original ideas.

How should I achieve the best results?

Offer your subscribers a discount as an extra incentive to complete the purchase. Discount can be the same for all three emails, or, for example, it can increase with every email. A lot of our clients offer a discount only in the last email reminder. If a customer is not convinced by the email reminder without an incentive, you may offer it in the latter emails.

But be careful - do not spoil your customers too much. If you always offer large discounts in cart recovery series emails, your customers will get used to it and will not buy until they get a cart recovery reminder. So we suggest you to experiment and use different techniques to see what fits your business best.

To offer a discount, you need to decide on its' size, create a unique code in your shop or use the Omnisend discount element for random codes, and add it when customizing email content.

Cart Recovery Series feature is available for Shopify, Bigcommerce and Oxid eSales stores and is included in Premium plan.

More about the benefits and examples of Cart Recovery, you can read on our blog.

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