How to set up my Order Follow-up Email?

1. Please go to Ecommerce Tab and select from All Workflows - Order Follow-up and click on Enable:

2. After you click on Enable, you will have the option to set the Timing, Subject Line, Preheader and to Edit the Email Content:

     2.1 Changing the Timing (you can use the Preset time or set a custom time, click on the Drop Down list to set hours or days)

     2.2. Edit Email Content (by clicking here you will be able to change all the content, add or remove elements, change fonts, colors, change the design, etc). This is the Step where you can also see the Preview of your Email and also send yourself a Test email (click on the arrow on the Preview button to get the Send Test option) - Don't forget to click SAVE!

The Discount Element is OPTIONAL - you decide if you want to offer or not a discount to your Customers. Please read more about our Discount Element here.

3. Review your email, Confirm all your information is correct and click on LAUNCH:

4. Omnisend will show you a confirmation message - click on LAUNCH and from that moment, your customer will begin to receive your Order Follow-up Emails:

For more information about Order Follow-up Email, please click here.

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