When you use Soundest, your subscriber list will grow and you will need more and more email credits for your ecommerce email marketing activities.

Why will I need email credits?

You use as many credits as you have subscribers for your email campaign. Also, you need email credits for your ecommerce workflows. Welcome, cart recovery and other automated emails use email credits as well.

How many credits do I have?

The amount of email credits depends on your number of subscribers as well as the pricing plan.

  • Forever Free users have 15,000 credits every month for free.
  • The number of credits that Premium users have depends on the number of subscribers they have. You can always see this information in your Account Settings and by using the Soundest billing calculator.

What do I do if I run out of email credits?

Buying more email credits is easy. The system will automatically inform you when they are running out and direct you to the refill button.

If you are on the Forever Free plan, you should upgrade to the Premium plan. Depending on the number of subscribers, the system will automatically determine the price of your Premium plan. You will get the credits you need immediately after upgrading.

If you are on the Premium plan, Soundest automatically refills your monthly amount of credits and move your billing date from previous to the current one.

Learn how to upgrade your plan to Premium.

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