Omnisend Premium is designed to boost your ecommerce email marketing efforts. It is ideal if you exceed 15,000 emails per month (or daily limit of 2,000) or decide to improve your marketing activities with email automation and campaign customization.

Use the Omnisend billing calculator to estimate your costs for the Premium plan.

You can upgrade to Premium at any time. Also, remember when you upgrade to the Premium plan, you have an immediate access to all features and your monthly mailing limit is refilled. This means that you lose any remaining credits from your Free plan.

The main benefits of the Premium plan:

For more Premium features, check out the comparison between the Forever Free plan and the Premium plan.

Upgrading to Premium

There are a couple of ways you can upgrade your plan to Premium. 

Upgrade in Account Settings

1. Click on your account name at the top right corner. In the drop-down menu you will see the button “Upgrade to Premium”. Click on it.

2. The pop up will appear. Omnisend will automatically calculate the monthly price according to the amount of subscribers you have. Omnisend automatically recalculates your monthly charge according to increases or decreases in the number of subscribers. Click the “Enter Credit Card” button and carry on.

During occasional promotional campaigns, our customers get a discount code for our services. If you are one of them, claim the coupon code and carry on.

3. Enter your credit card information and save your card information. Your Premium plan will be activated immediately.

Actionable buttons “Upgrade to Premium”

Another way to upgrade to Premium is by clicking the “Upgrade to Premium” button, which appears contextually:

  • After your trial ends
  • If there is an insufficient amount of credits to schedule a campaign
  • To improve email campaign performance with boosting campaign, etc.

In the same easy way you will be able to add more mailing credits for planned email campaigns.

Upgrading from Premium Trial

When you upgrade to Premium, your 14-day trial or Free Plan is discontinued and the new billing month starts immediately. Your email credits are refilled every month.

For more information regarding payments, read our Terms of Use, Chapter 5.

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