MonkeyData is a 3rd party app which provides eCommerce analytics. Connect multiple data sources (Google Analytics, Shopify, etc.) and view all data in one dashboard. Soundest can also be connected with MonkeyData. In order to do this complete the following steps:

1. Generate API key in Soundest:

  • Go to API keys page in your Soundest account settings
  • Create new API key
  • Set permissions by clicking I want to set up custom permissions for this API key and choose Campaigns
  • Click Save and Copy API key 

2. Login to your MonkeyData account
3. Go to Project > Edit Resources > Most Popular

4. Click Connect button under Soundest (previous name for Omnisend) logo. 

5. Paste API key (that you previously generated) and click Connect.

MonkeyData will start importing data from your Omnisend account soon (but it might take up to 1 hour). You can check integration status in Connected Sources page (in MonkeyData) by hovering your mouse pointer on green Connected button. If the import from Omnisend was completed, it should look like this.

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