Promobar is a third-part application which lets you convert new customers through promotions, discounts, newsletter subscriptions, offer special promotions, create a call-to action, or a combination of all of them. Link Promobar with Soundest and your new subscribers will automatically appear in Soundest lists. Here is how to do that:

1. Go to your Soundest account.

2. Navigate to Subscribers tab -> Signup forms

3. Under Signup page you’ll see a field with Action URL. Copy it.

4. Now get the Promobar app from Shopify store.

5. Go to app settings in your Shopify Theme sidebar.

6. Scroll down to the Email Sign Up section of the app settings.

7. Select Soundest as the platform.

8. Paste your Soundest list Action URL in the Soundest Action URL box.

9. Click Save the lower right corner to publish changes to your store.

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