How to set up my Order Follow-up Email?

  1.  Please go to the Automation Tab and click on CREATE WORKFLOW:

2. Select your Workflow - for Order Follow-up choose Repeat buyer:

3. Click on Edit Workflow:

4. Set the Delay:

5. Edit Email Content (by clicking here you will be able to change all the content, add or remove elements, adjust fonts, colors, apply the design, etc). This is the Step where you can also see the Preview of your Email, as well as send yourself a Test email (click on the arrow on the Preview button to get the Send Test option) - Don't forget to click SAVE!

The Discount Element is OPTIONAL - you can decide if you want to offer a discount to your Customers. Please read more about our Discount Element here.

6. Review your email, double-check and make sure that all your information is correct and click on ENABLE WORKFLOW:

From the moment you click ENABLE WORKFLOW your customers will start receiving your Order Follow-up Emails.

For more information about Order Follow-up Email, please click here.

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