Omnisend enables you to edit your images right on the Campaign Editor. This is something that can be done with all images uploaded to one of your campaigns or Automated emails. To edit one of your uploaded images, simply click on Edit button next to the image.

Image editing settings

  • Enhance - choose from 5 predefined filters to enhance your image: Hi-Def, Scenery, Food, Portrait, Night.
  • Effects - choose from numerous colourful filters.
  • Frames - add a stylised frame to your image.
  • Overlays - add an overlay shape to your image and crop accordingly.
  • Stickers - choose a sticker for your image: moustaches, hats, sunglasses, speech bubbles, shapes, and arrows to name just a few.
  • Orientation - change the orientation of your image. For those cases, when your image appears to be upside down.
  • Crop - cut out the unneeded parts of the image or turn into a preferred shape (square, landscape).
  • Resize - change the size of the image.
  • Lighting - adjust the lighting of the image by editing brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows.
  • Color - edit your image‚Äôs color settings by changing saturation, warmth, tint, and fade.
  • Sharpness - make sure your image is not blurry, where it needs to be sharp.
  • Focus - add and edit the focus of the image by focusing on a single point and blurring out the rest.
  • Vignette - add a vignetting to your image for that more intimate or retro look.
  • Blemish - blur out the needed parts of the image to either cover something up or make the color transition smoother.
  • Whiten - make sure everything that needs to be white, is white.
  • Redeye - fix the redeye issue on your photos.
  • Draw - draw anything on the top of the image. Choose brush size, and color to achieve the best result.
  • Splash - emphasise a particular color by leaving everything else in black and white.
  • Text - add a text on top of an image. Change its color, font, size, and placement.
  • Meme - add text to the top and the bottom of the image to get that classic meme look.

Once you started editing the image, you can use all of these settings simultaneously. No need to save the image after each little change, you will be able to save it once you are done with editing.

Saving the edited image

To make sure your edits are saved, simply click on red SAVE button on top right of the editing modal. In case you need to get back a step or two (in case you do not like the latest edition of the image) before saving, simply click on the arrows at the bottom of the editing modal: click left to step back and right to step forward.

Once you save your image, it can be edited once again. Keep in mind that you will not be able to move the elements that you added last time you edited the image - they are now part of the image, so there is no way to step back. You might want to either import the original image once again or edit the current one further.

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