Product Recommender is a content block that allows you to automatically include your best sellers or latest products on your campaigns and automation emails. Using this content block on your campaigns or automated emails will automatically include your most recent products or best sellers without any need to manually add them on your own. This article explains how you can set it up.

Before you start

  • Product Recommender is available for Omnisend users with Shopify or Bigcommerce integration
  • It is available on Trial, Standard, and Pro pricing plans

About Product Recommender

Product Recommender automatically pulls 2-4 products along with their full information: images, titles, descriptions, prices, and links to the product. You can also choose, which information should be left out.

You can also choose the type of Product Recommender:

  • Best sellers - pulls products that are sold the most times on your store. 
  • Newest products - pulls the products that are published to your store most recently. It acts upon the date when product was published, not updated.

As recommended products are pulled at the most appropriate moment (to have the latest info), they do not appear on the editor, but are automatically added to the email once it is sent to the recipient. Recommended products are shown only in campaigns and not test emails or email preview.


To start using Product Recommender, head to either of your emails (a new campaign or a particular email on either of your automation workflows). Once you are on Content step, drag and drop Product Recommender content block from the right sidebar onto your email.

Once you have your content block in place, you can start editing it's settings. 


Content tab enables you to:

  • Choose the type of your Product Recommender (Best sellers or Newest products),
  • Choose the information you want it to pull automatically each time (image, title, description, price, old price)
  • Edit the title (shown above products, you can go ahead with something like "Our best sellers", "Our latest additions", etc.)
  • Edit the button text (it automatically is prefilled with a link to that particular product)

Feel free to edit the content in any way it best fits your brand.


Settings tab enabled you to:

  • Change the number of products Product Recommender should automatically pull. You can choose to have 2, 3 or 4 products.
  • Change content alignment and image settings
  • Edit the style of content block to best match your brand. You can edit this at your template design settings as well.
  • Change the top and bottom padding (spaces above and beyond this content block)

Once you are done, simply click Save & Close.

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