Use Viber Messenger to send promotions, purchase and shipping information to your customers. Connect Viber with Omnisend and send automated messages based on different subscriber, buyer or customer based triggers.

Read this article to know how you can benefit from having Viber installed on your store.

Before you start

To be able to use Viber for your communication you need to be a Pro plan user on Omnisend. Important to know, that cost per message sent will solely depend on the country. 

Setup process

Viber integrations are currently available on request.
If you wish to use Viber channel on your store, go to My account --> Connected Apps   --> click Connect new App --> find Viber and click Connect:

You will then be asked to answer the following questions:

  1. Describe how you intend to use Viber messages
  2. Volume of intended messages

Provide answers and click Submit request to proceed further. Our Team will catch up with you to provide information about the next steps!

Benefiting from Viber marketing

If you have Viber as an additional channel in your store, there is a much better chance of reaching your customers on the go. Omnisend customers who use omnichannel marketing enjoy even 90% higher customer retention rate!  From the moment you enable Viber Messenger your customers will start receiving your marketing messages through Omnisend Viber channel.

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