Privy is a 3rd party app which provides various signup forms and popups to collect new email subscribers. Link Privy with Omnisend and your new subscribers will conveniently appear in Omnisend lists. 


Setup process
Capturing new subscribers and information they provide
Welcome automation & Personalization


  1. Sync new subscribers and the information they submit to the Sign-up forms

  2. Trigger Welcome automation

  3. Use the information you have collected to send more targeted communication to your customers

Setup process

1. In your Privy account, click on My account icon and go to the Integrations section.

2. In the dialog that follows, enter your Omnisend Email, and a Omnisend API Key for this integration. You can create an API key by going to Store settings in your Profile menu > Integrations & API > API key > click Create API key

3. Click “Link Account.”

4. Under your Privy campaign’s settings, configure automation trigger to send contacts to a specified Omnisend list.

Note: you will have five pre-created lists, called "Integration segment x" that you will be able to send your contacts to. This option will help you categorize and organize contacts coming from Privy. The name of the Integrated Segment can be changed in Omnisend.

That should be it! Once you choose the list and click Save, the integration between Privy and Omnisend will be complete.

Capturing new subscribers and information they provide

When the integration with Omnisend is complete from the Privy side, your email subscribers will be added to Omnisend immediately. However, apart from the email address, you may also push your customers' data.

Unfortunately, the information passed by Privy is pretty limited. Unlike other applications integrating with Omnisend, we are giving the info via webhooks, therefore not letting us see the body of the request and troubleshoot the problems one can experience.

Now, let's check how these properties are assigned to the customer's profile.

Welcome automation & Personalization

Once you complete the integration with the Privy form, all customers subscribing to this form will trigger the flow with the default trigger, set to Sign-up form is any.

If you want to send different emails to the customers subscribing to the Privy form, you may set the trigger in the automation to Customer enters the Segment -> select the Integration Segment connected to Privy.

Apart from triggering the Welcome automation workflow, you may also benefit from using personalization with the information you have collected with Privy. For example, you may add the information you have collected to the Subject line or the content of the message.

Personalization in Channels

If you face any issues, you can check out the Privy's troubleshooting tips or check the article on Syncing Your Privy contact to Omnisend.

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