Omnisend is tailored for ecommerce sites to send newsletters, updates, and other types of communication to subscribers and customers who agree to receive emails from you. Omnisend's Terms of Use prohibit sending unsolicited emails to anyone that hasn't given you a permission to email them. We do not allow any of the following sources for email contacts:

  • Purchased lists of any kind, even from a reputable source.
  • Rented lists.
  • Lists scraped from websites or other publicly available data.
  • A list of members of an association, trade show vendors, fellow industry members, etc.

These types of lists are full of invalid emails, spam traps and other emails, that might hurt your deliverability.

If you have imported any of the list mentioned above, you should unsubscribe those contacts immediately. Otherwise, your Omnisend account might be terminated.

Our compliance team will suspend and investigate accounts with unsolicited email addresses.

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