You can offer your customers a discount code using our Discount content block. Create a code in your store's admin and you will be able to use it when sending campaign newsletters and automation messages with Omnisend!


Before you start

Discount code feature is available on all of our pricing plans and can be used in all of your messages: campaigns and automated messages (abandoned cart, customer reactivation, order follow-up, welcome email, birthday one, etc.)

There are two ways the discount content block works, depending on the eCommerce platform that you use:

  • a unique discount code from Shopify, which is created automatically with the help of Discount content block 
  • a fixed discount code from other eCommerce platforms, that is created manually on your online store

Important: Omnisend does not generate your discount codes. All discount codes are generated by your store and are directly taken from your eCommerce platform.

Discount on Shopify

Discount content block on campaigns

If you add the Discount content block to your campaign, one unique discount code will be created for that particular campaign. This means that all your subscribers on that campaign will receive the same discount code. A placeholder of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX will be shown during the setup process and the code will be added from your store's admin automatically when you send the campaign.

Discount content block on automation workflows

If you add the Discount content block to your automation, each and every single of them will have a custom unique discount code for each time the email is sent. This means that all recipients will get a custom unique discount code each time. A placeholder of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX will be shown during the setup process, code will be added automatically from your Shopify store's admin after the automation is sent.

Discount content block on automated series

If you add a Discount content block to multiple emails on a series of automated emails, it will create a custom discount code for each recipient for each email sent. The rules for each code should be set separately in the conditions tab of the editor. A placeholder of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX will be shown during the setup process, code will be added automatically from your Shopify store's admin after the automation is sent.

Discount on other eCommerce platforms

Discount content block does not automatically generate a discount code on other eCommerce platforms. This means that the discount code should be created on your store manually and then pasted into the Discount content block. It works the same way for your campaigns and automated emails.

Setup of a Discount content block

The discount content block is available in the editor in the Content step. 

1. You will need to drag and drop it into your message, if it's not added by default:

2. Fill in all the required fields in the Content tab: Text and Conditions (for Shopify stores only):

LINK - add a link to send your customers to your store. Via the SHOP NOW button they can reach the main page or you can direct them to a specific product collection. By the way, you can change the BUTTON TEXT to anything else!

APPLY SHOPIFY DISCOUNT LINK - once checked, your customers will see the discount automatically applied as soon as they enter your store. That means they will no longer need to copy paste the discount code provided. 

PERCENT OFF - the discount amount off allowed is whole numbers only. Decimal dot cannot be used for your discount amount.

APPLY DISCOUNT TO - you can apply discount to all orders; orders over a specific price; or a collection.

Important note
In Campaigns only, you can also adjust these options:

MAX REDEMPTIONS to set a number of times the coupon can be used. If you wish to send the coupon to 300 customers, add 300 in the field. If you leave it blank, the limit of 500000 times will be applied. 

APPLY DISCOUNT ONCE PER CUSTOMER option to limit how many times one customer can use the code. In automation these options are not available and Max Redemptions is equal to 1. 

3. Tailor the settings to match your style:

Note: If you are a Shopify user, there is no need to enter any code in the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX area. The unique and random code will appear once it is automatically generated on your store. If you have your own code, you should not use the Discount content block and opt for a Text content block instead. And the code will be generated only for the live emails, your TEST emails will still show the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
4. Once you finalized your discount content block, click Save to save the changes and the discount content block will be ready to be shared with your customers!

Discount code is a great way of grabbing attention of the new customers and at the same time it is a nice way of showing appreciation to the returning and long time customers. It is now a lot easier to share the discounts with your customers. Just add Discount content block to your message and send it their way!

Here is a short video on the discount content block setup:

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