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Omnisend offers various ways to provide discounts to your customers. However, the Discount content block has an ultimate functionality, allowing you to generate unique discount codes in your Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

Note that this article is dedicated to Classic email builder, if you work in a New email builder, jump to the dedicated guide.

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Auto-generated discount in Campaigns

Auto-generated discount in Automation workflows

Setup of a Discount content block

Discount code conditions


Auto-generated discount in Campaigns (single code per Campaign)

If you add the Discount content block to your campaign, one unique discount code will be created for that particular campaign, which means that all campaign recipients will receive the same discount code.

A placeholder of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX will be shown during the setup process, and the code will be added from your store's admin automatically once you send the campaign.

Important! The email campaign test emails will still show the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX placeholder, as the discount code isn't generated when you send the test email.

In Shopify admin, the discount code will be displayed in the following way:

In BigCommerce, the discount code will be generated under the Marketing -> Coupon Codes section and will look in the following way:

Here you may see that the discount code can be used many times but only once per customer's email address, as it is set by default. If you want to allow a single customer (email address) to redeem this discount more than once, you may set the value in APPLY DISCOUNT ONCE PER CUSTOMER field to No. The maximum number of discount redemptions can be set in the MAX REDEMPTIONS field. Jump to this section for more information.

Auto-generated discount in Automation workflows (single code per customer)

If you add the Discount content block to your automation, every single message will have a custom, unique discount code for each time the email is sent. In other words, all recipients will get a unique discount code.

During the setup, you will see the placeholder only, and the actual discount will be generated when the message is sent.

In Shopify, these codes will have the following settings:

In BigCommerce, they look as follows:

If you add the discount content block to each of the workflow messages, different codes will be generated. Although you won't be able to send a reminder for the same code, you may set the expiration date for the discount equal to the delay between messages.

Important! The automation test emails will still show the XXXX-XXXX-XXXX placeholder, as the discount code isn't generated when you send the test email.

Setup of a Discount content block

The discount content block is available in the editor in the Content step.

You will need to drag and drop it into your email if it's not added by default:

Note. Only one Discount Content block can be added to the email, if you already have one block, you won't be able to drag another one to the email.

Once you add the block to the Email message content, you will see 2 (Email Campaign) or 3 (Automation workflow) tabs with different settings.

In the Content tab, you will find the general settings, where the content of the block and the discount conditions can be changed.

You may add a link to the Link input field and re-direct your customers to the specified page of your store after clicking on the Redeem button. It may be a home page, link to a certain collection, or even a personalized link to the cart with the products your customer's abandoned (valid for Abandoned Cart automation only).

If you don't add any link, the Redeem button won't be shown.


For Shopify users, the Discount Content block has the option to APPLY SHOPIFY DISCOUNT link.

When this option is checked, the customer is redirected to the home page of your store, and the discount code is applied automatically when the customer proceeds to the checkout.

This is the only scenario, when clicking on the Redeem button within the Discount content block, will apply the discount automatically.

Discount code conditions

The first option available in the menu allows you to choose the type of discount:

Depending on the option you choose, the rest of the settings will adjust automatically.

  • Cart percentage - specify the percentage off, expiration period, and the products to which this discount should be applied;

  • Fixed cart discount - specify the exact amount of the discount, expiration period, and the products to which this discount should be applied. Your Omnisend account settings define the currency of the discount. Contact our Support Team if you need to change it.

  • Free Shipping - specify the expiration period.

For the Cart percentage, you may also choose to which products the discount would apply.

Expiry period

After choosing the type of discount, you should also provide an expiry period. The expiration period starts when the message with the discount is sent and ends at the end of the day + Expiration period, both in your Omnisend account time zone.

For example, if you send the message with the discount that expires in 1 day at 3:21 PM EDT on one day, the start time in EDT is set to 8:21 AM (3:21 in EET) and the end time is 4:59 PM (11:59 PM EET) on the next day.

In other words, the discount is valid for one day, plus hours that left by the end of the other one.

Expiry date format

After selecting the expiration period, you may also change the format of the date that will be displayed in the Discount Content block.

Discount settings in the Email Campaign

In Campaigns settings, you may also adjust the number of discounts customers may receive:

MAX REDEMPTIONS to set the number of times the coupon can be used. If you wish to send the coupon to 300 customers, add 300 in the field. If you leave it blank, the limit of 500000 times will be applied. This field restricts the number of discount redemptions and doesn't change the value per customer.

APPLY DISCOUNT ONCE PER CUSTOMER option to limit how many times one customer can use the code. In automation, these options are not available, and 'Max Redemptions' is equal to 1.

In the Settings tab, you may define the design of the Discount content block. Make sure to explore all options, as you can change the colors, sizes, padding, button radius, and many more.

The Conditions tab is available for the Automation workflows only. Here, you may define the category of the customers that will see the Discount content block in the Email message. Learn about Conditional content blocks here.

Once you finalized editing your discount content block, click Save to save the changes and the discount content block will be ready to be shared with your customers!

Discount code is a great way of grabbing the attention of the new customers and at the same time, it is a nice way of showing appreciation to the returning and long-time customers. It is now a lot easier to share discounts with your customers. Just add a Discount content block to your message and send it their way!


Is it possible to change the format of the auto-generated discount?

The format of the code generated in the Discount Content block cannot be changed. Nevertheless, you can create your own code on your store's admin and then insert it in your email as a Text block that can be customized so that it will look just like the Discount content block does. If you're trying to add the discount code in the campaign, you can use Gift Box or Scratch Card and add your own code to be shown there:

Will I see the discount code in my Shopify/BigCommerce admin?

Yes, the discount code will be created in your Shopify or BigCommerce admin after the email is sent.

Why is the Redeem button not shown in the email preview?

Make sure you added links to all buttons in the email message. If the link is not added, the button won't be shown.

How can I restrict the discount to one use per customer?

That's how it works for the Automatic workflows, but for the Email Campaigns, it is set to 1 use per email address. You may restrict the total number of redemptions and set the expiration date.

Can I change the Discount settings after the email is sent?

Yes, you may find the discount code in your store admin and change its settings. Omnisend only presents the discount to the customer. However, make sure not to change the discount code itself, as it won't be updated in your clients' email inboxes.

Is it possible to apply the discount automatically and send the customer to the checkout page?

No, you should either enable the Apply Shopify Discount link that will apply the discount automatically or add the link to abandoned checkout.

Is there any other way to offer unique discount codes to my customers?

You may also upload a list of the Discount codes and assign them as custom properties to your customers' profiles and add it as personalization.

How to create a discount code without an expiration date?

Set the expiry days value to 0. Then the discount code won't have an end date.

If you have any other questions, reach out to our Support Team via an in-app chat or at [email protected]

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