Omnisend automatically synchronises your customers' data from your store every day, so it means that your contacts list are updated on a daily basis. All your past customers who purchased from you are automatically added to Omnisend as contacts on your list. However, their status (subscribed, non-subscribed, etc.) depends on the data from your store (e.g. if your store provides contact's details with a status non-subscribed, then we will mark such customer accordingly).

Here is a brief explanation of each of the statuses that your imported contacts can get:

  • Subscribed: it means that a customer has online opt-in on your website and accepted your marketing. Feel free to email them.
  • Non-subscribed: a contact's email address has been recorded on your website during the purchase, but they have never subscribed to your newsletter, which means that we cannot send out promotional emails to them.
  • Unsubscribed: customers used to be your subscribers, but unsubscribed from your email marketing manually. By Global Email Marketing Law, you cannot send out any emails to them.
  • Removed: this list contains all contacts who have been deleted by you directly. You can always restore them if needed.

Also, new subscribers, who sign up for newsletters via Omnisend signup forms on your website are immediately added to your contact list. If you use any other signup form tool, use API key to connect it with Omnisend. 

One more thing: Tictail users who use Follow Plus app for collecting contacts do not have to do a thing - gathered contacts are automatically added to Omnisend. No manual import is required.

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