Email Collection Bar (by Hextom) is a 3rd party app for Shopify stores which adds an email "Subscribe" bar to collect new email subscribers. Link Email Collection Bar with Omnisend and your new subscribers will conveniently appear in Omnisend lists.

Setup process

  1. Get the Email Collection Bar app on Shopify Store and go to the Apps tab.
  2. Once in the app, click on the Integrations button.

3. Find Omnisend and click the drop down next to it.

5. Enter an Email address associated with your Omnisend account and an API key generated in Omnisend. Please make sure that the API key has a permissions to sync the lists and contacts.

6. After that, choose one Omnisend email list from the dropdown, check the “Enable Omnisend Auto Sync,” and then click “Save” (please note ‘All subscribers’ list will not be shown).

That's it! All your new subscribers will appear in Omnisend All subscribers list.

After new subscriber is captured with Email Collection Bar, it will appear in Omnisend list after 10 minutes.

If you face any issues, for more guidance please check this article.

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