The goal of Abandoned Cart emails is to encourage online shop’s visitors to complete the order. Once a customer leaves a cart with products and does not complete a purchase, Omnisend sends a reminder.


About abandoned carts

A cart becomes abandoned when it meets all of these 3 rules:

  • A visitor adds a product to cart 
  • The order is not completed;

A single visitor (with the same email address) can receive only one abandoned cart email in 24 hours. If a visitor abandons two carts in 24 hours, they will not receive the 2nd email.

Abandoned cart automation is available for Omnisend Trial, Standard, Pro and Enterprise plan users.

Tracking visitors and their abandoned carts

Omnisend has an advanced technology for tracking abandoned carts - a visitor doesn't have to be subscribed to receive the Abandoned Cart email.

At the moment, we have 2 main options for tracking: 

1. Abandoned checkout. A visitor needs to add a product to the cart and proceed to the checkout process. Further operation depends on your store's platform.

2. Abandoned cart via cookies. After your subscribers complete at least one of the steps described below, we place a cookie in their web browser., which allows us to recognize them when the cart is lost:

  • Clicks any link in your Omnisend newsletter (this means that they are already your subscribers)
  • Subscribes using your Omnisend signup form (becomes a new subscriber). 

Of course, abandoned cart tracking is different for each e-commerce platform you use, see the list below how it works for the most popular integrations.


  • Abandoned cart via cookies
  • Abandoned checkout when user adds the email and proceeds to the payment
  • User is logged in to the store with their account

By the way, for Shopify users, we track sales not only through cookies, but also through the discount codes. In this way tracking on cross-devices could also work


New Stensil theme engine:

  • Abandoned checkout when user adds the email and proceeds to the payment step

Old themes:

  • Abandoned cart via cookies
  • Abandoned checkout when user adds the email and proceeds to the next step

Magento 1, WooCommerce

  • Abandoned cart via cookies
  • User is logged in to the store with their account

Magento 2

  • User is logged in to the store with their account


Setup process

The Abandoned Cart setup process is very similar to other automation workflows setup on Omnisend. It consists of a couple of standard steps: trigger, delay, email, end of the workflow. See the info below for Abandoned Cart setup or jump to a video on how to set up an automation workflow or how to edit automation workflow to add more emails to it.


This workflow is triggered by an abandoned cart. You can add Trigger rules to send targeted messages based on a specific product that was abandoned.

Edit audience settings to trigger your automation for the specific audience only, more about creating a segment here


This step allows you to choose the delay of email sent - the time Omnisend will wait from the trigger until the email should be sent. You can choose to edit the default delay (Immediately) and set it to:

  • minutes, 
  • hours,
  • days, 
  • weeks,
  • months. 

Important: the delays will always be counted starting from the end of the previous event, not from the trigger. 

Changing rules to enabled flow

You can choose, what should happen with those contacts, who might be affected by the new rules. There are two ways of dealing with it: 

  • Discontinuing the current sequences under the old rules, which would not send any emails with old rules, if there are any customers in the workflow,
  • Completing the current sequences according to the old rules, which would finish sending the emails with old rules to all customers that are currently in the workflow (recommended).


This step allows you to choose and edit the email, that is sent to the customer. You can choose from either of our free templates and design themes for it. Compared to other emails, this email contains an Abandoned Products content block which you can customize the way you like.

Please, note that the email will be sent in currency the order was placed.

Cart recovery link

If you would like to add a link to Abandoned cart in the text section of your message, you can do this by using cart_recovery_link as a link. In your abandoned cart automation workflow go to Checkout button > Insert personalization > Abandoned cart > click Abandoned cart URL:

If you choose a flow with an SMS message block in it, you will be able to send your customers an email message plus the SMS message; or only the email message if you decide to drop the SMS; or just the SMS message if you decide to drop email. This will depend on your preferences as well as on what contact information your customers provide. Read more about SMS in automation here.

End of workflow

When customers receive an email or make a purchase, they exit the workflow. Such clients are calculated and the total is provided at the End of workflow box.

Achieving better results

It is very important to understand that after the Abandoned cart is enabled, it must be “warmed up”. This means that you need to spread as many cookies as possible - send more newsletters, enable Omnisend Signup forms. Day by day the number of subscribers (who have your tracking cookie) will increase.

More cookies → More abandoned carts tracked → More cart reminder emails sent → More carts recovered.

Here are the examples of successful Cart Recovery emails.

Testing your Abandoned Cart

If you are testing your Abandoned Cart yourself on the same day, use different email addresses. Omnisend sends one abandoned cart email per day to one email address, therefore, using multiple ones helps you to overcome this limitation. You will be able to test with the same email address the next day.

As soon as the cart is created it enters the automation workflow, regardless you are active or inactive. So if there is no delay set in the workflow, your cart abandonment message will be sent as soon as the cart is created. Just note, the default rule of cart abandonment workflow message delay is 1 hour.

Using an incognito window on your browser is also recommended.


Native Abandoned Cart Workflow

Using abandoned cart reminders on both Omnisend and your store platform (applicable for Shopify and Bigcommerce) is not recommended. When these two features overlap, they will overwhelm your customers. Before you enable Abandoned cart on Omnisend, make sure your cart abandonment workflow is disabled on store platform.

Note, enabling it on Omnisend does not automatically disable the one on Shopify.

⚠️ Abandoned cart not sending for Bigcommerce stores

Currently, Bigcommerce API integration does not have the option to get all abandoned carts from the shop, thus there is a limited number of abandoned carts sent from Omnisend. 

Important to know, that in Bigcommerce the cart is considered abandoned on Omnisend only when the user reaches the checkout and goes to the payment step/page. Incomplete and pending orders will be treated as abandoned carts for Bigcommerce stores.

Reach out to Support team if you have any questions!

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