This article explains how you can manage your lists created in Omnisend. You can find your lists by navigating to Subscribers > Lists. Choose the list you want to manage.

After selecting one or more subscribers in a particular list, a dropdown with multiple choices appear above the list. You can then copy, move, unsubscribe, remove or delete your chosen contacts.


Before you start

All of the lists that you create are static. This means they will not update automatically over time unless you import contact manually or connect it to a signup form. 

Lists can currently be used for your regular email and SMS campaigns, A/B test campaigns, syncing with Google Ads Customer Match or Facebook Custom Audiences.

Lists on Omnisend allows you to work with all your contacts (subscribed, non-subscribed, unsubscribed, removed). This way you can see how many contacts with different statuses are on any particular list. If you decide to send a campaign to a particular list, it will only be sent to those, who accept such correspondence.

Important note!
All Subscribers list is a default list on Omnisend, which contains all contacts from all of the lists. This list cannot be deleted, otherwise you will lose all the contacts you have on Omnisend. 


To have particular subscribers on multiple lists select Copy in the menu above the contact list.  Select your list where you want to paste the contact of the subscriber from the drop-down. Click Confirm to finalize the action.

IMPORTANT: once the subscriber unsubscribes, he will be marked as unsubscribed in all the lists.



You can move selected subscribers to another list. This function is available in all lists except All subscribers.

After selecting Move, pick the list where you want to move them.


This is easy - you select all the unwelcome subscribers and click Unsubscribe. They will not receive your emails anymore. Please note that Unsubscribe option is irreversible and you cannot restore unsubscribed contacts.

Remove from list(s)

Remove is a very similar function. The difference is that your removed contacts can be restored anytime.


Delete permanently

If you want to delete records and history for the selected contacts permanently, you can select this option. Please note that this cannot be undone and we cannot recover information for the contacts you delete.

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