Preheader is a short text that follows the Subject line of your emails and that can make all the difference between an opened email or a deleted/archived email. Generally, this line of text is taken from the first text found in the email campaign, but you can set your own text, which should be catchy and meaningful. It has to intrigue your readers and make them want to know what is inside the email received.


Adding a Preheader

Omnisend gives you the chance to add a Preheader in all your emails: Campaigns and Automation emails.

1. Email Campaigns. The very first step, Settings has the Preheader option. Enter the Preheader and see how it looks in the Inbox preview:

2. Automation emails. Click on Edit Workflow > Email.


How Preheader looks in emails

The use of a Preheader text in your email marketing campaigns will provide your subscribers more context on what your email is about and will encourage most of them to open and take action on your campaigns. This will increase your open and click rates which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Check our blog Post 99 Ecommerce Email Marketing Resources for great examples of effective Preheaders and more...

Here you can see some examples of how your customers will see the Preheader in their inboxes:


Gmail app:

Apple mail iOS:

Apple mail OSX:

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