Have you ever created a campaign template that is so good you would love to save it and use it again in the future? This article explains, how you can do that with Omnisend content editor for both campaigns and automation.

Note that this article is dedicated to Classic email builder, if you work in a New email builder, jump to the dedicated guide.


Custom design templates
Saving a template
Using a saved template

Custom design templates

Omnisend provides you with a couple of predefined template choices (i.e. London, New York, Atlanta, Stockholm, etc.). These templates have their own layout, content, and design. However, these might not perfectly suit your needs in design, layout or content-wise. 

By creating a custom design template for campaigns and automation you will be able to have a template that fits your needs the best.

Custom design templates save the following settings:

  • Chosen design (colours, fonts, sizes)

  • Layout and number of content blocks

  • Width (Please, be aware that the width might be not supported with certain devices and your email might look distorted, we recommend you to test it before sending your campaign.

  • Content in the content blocks (for example your social network icons, address on the footer, logo, etc.)

This means that you can create a template once and reuse it for all your campaigns and automations later on.

Saving a template

If you have already created a campaign and would like to reuse this template for your future campaigns and automation, please go through the following steps:

  1. Go to your draft campaign or automation email, which you want to save as a template. 

  2. Navigate to the Content step.

  3. Once you're on the content editor, choose Save as a template:

4. Once you click on Save as a template, you will get the options on how to save it - as a new template or as an existing one, and then you should give it a name.

Saving as a new template will add it to your templates list. Updating the template will allow you to choose one of the already created templates and save it with the changes.

5. After you name your template, click on Save and you will get the confirmation that your new template has been saved.

You can create as many different custom templates as you like.

Using a saved template

Once you have your custom template saved, you can reuse it for your campaigns and automations. 

In order to use it on campaigns, go to Create Campaign page, you will have your saved templates available on Step 2 - Template. Look for a tab called Saved templates.

If you would like to use it on automations, please navigate to your chosen automation, choose the email you want to edit, and once you are on the editor, go back to Template step with the help of navigation at the top of your screen. Click on Saved templates there and choose your saved template.

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