When your subscribers' list grows, you might need more email credits to send your regular campaigns and automation to your customers. Once you sign up for a paid plan (Standard, Pro, or Enterprise), your billing cycle begins and lasts for one month (unless you go with a yearly plan). In case you need more email credits before the current billing cycle ends, read ahead!


Explaining mailing credits
Credit limits
Refilling mailing credits
Charge now
Upgrading billing tier

Explaining mailing credits

You use as many email credits as you have subscribers for your email campaigns. More, you need email credits for your Automation workflows - Welcome email, Abandoned cart, and other automated emails use email credits as well.


Credit limits

The amount of email credits depends on the number of your subscribers as well as the pricing plan.

  • Free and Trial users get 15,000 email credits every month for free. The daily sending limit is 2,000 emails.
  • Standard and Pro plan users credits depend on the number of subscribers they have. 
  • Enterprise plan users get unlimited email credits each month. 

For your paid plans you can always see the number of emails sent and remaining in your Store Settings and by using the Omnisend billing calculator.


Refilling mailing credits

If you run out of mailing credits before your billing cycle ends, you can refill them manually. When you are about to send your campaign, Omnisend will automatically inform you that you are running out of mailing credits and direct you to the refill button.

If you are on the Free plan, you will be offered to upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan. Depending on the number of subscribers, the system will automatically determine the price for your paid plan. You will get the credits you need immediately after upgrading.

If you are on the Standard plan, you can easily buy more credits to use till the end of the current billing cycle. Just navigate to Store settings and click on Charge now.

Charge now

The price for Charge now is calculated with the following formula:

Total monthly price/number of the current billing cycle week = Charge now price

The minimum charge for Charge now is $10.

Mailing credits you get are added according to the following formula:

Number of monthly credits/number of the current billing cycle week = Extra credits added to your account

Days are always rounded to the higher limit, i.e. 3 days mean 1 week, 8 days mean 2 weeks, etc.


Let's say you have 3 more days left until your next billing cycle and click on Charge now. You have 12000 subscribers, are on Standard plan, and pay $150 per month.

Total monthly price: $150
Number of the current billing cycle week: 4 (out of 4)
Then your additional charge will be: $150 / 4 = $37.50

Total monthly credits: 144,000
Number of the current billing cycle week: 4 (out of 4)
Then your additional mailing credits will be: 144,000 / 4 = 36,000


Upgrading billing tier

Omnisend pricing is based on the billing tiers. We automatically adjust the billing tier as your list grows or shrinks. Take into account that after the first payment your monthly billing tier will be counted based on two numbers - your current number of subscribers and non-subscribed contacts that received automated emails in the last 30 days. 

Say that you upgraded your account with a small number of contacts and imported more contacts before the end of that billing cycle. When you try to send a campaign to more subscribers than your current billing tier limit in the Send step you will get a message to immediately upgrade your billing tier, click Upgrade > and Upgrade once more to confirm the charge. This will prevent you from running into the issue where your campaign is stopped because you don't have enough of email credits left. 

Upgrading your billing tier in the process of putting your campaign together has the following conditions:

  • The amount you are paying is counted based on the exact number of days left until your next billing cycle, taking into consideration the amount you already paid for your current subscription.
  • The invoice for your charge is generated right away and can be accessed in Account management > Billing history
  • You can upgrade your billing tier for both, monthly and yearly billing cycles

To learn more about how these charges work, refer to article on charges for paid plans.

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