By adding Abandoned Products content block to the content of the email message, you may show your website visitors the products they have abandoned in your store. With this block, enabling your Abandonment automations in Omnisend is as easy as clicking on one button.

Note that this article is dedicated to Classic email builder, if you work in a New email builder, jump to the dedicated guide.

You can use Abandoned product content block in the following automation workflows:

  • Product Abandonment;

  • Abandoned Cart.

When you choose to create one of these workflows, Omnisend is adding Abandoned Cart blocks to both your email message and content blocks pool. If you change the trigger to the appropriate one, the Abandoned Products content block will be added to the blocks pool only.

To do the Abandoned Products block, simply Drag and Drop the block from the pool to the Email message content.

In the Abandoned products block, you may choose what data you want to show. By default, all of the settings are displayed.

In the Settings tab, you may also change the layout of the block:

  • Type, where you can choose the maximum number of products in a single row (1, 2, 3 or 4);

  • Content alignment, where you can select the alignment of image, title, description, price or button;

  • Make product image full-width checkbox letting you extend the product's image;

  • Style, letting you change the style and color of all elements;

  • Padding, where you can change the paddings around the block.

You will be able to add one Abandoned Products block to the content of your message. Let's imagine that you set the Abandoned Product block to show 2 products in a row and play two scenarios:

  • your website visitor leaves 4 products -> the Content block is replicated to shows all products in the email.

  • your website visitor leaves 1 product -> only one product is shown with the white space next to it.

To avoid adding white spaces, you may set the content block to show 1 product per row, but in that case, the email message might become too long.

Note, in Product abandonment automation workflow you can choose the option to only show products that are in stock on your store.
Do not forget to click Save and Close after each change.


Is it possible to change the format of the currency? Unfortunately, it is not possible. The position of the currency sign depends on the Presentment currency property that is passed by your store. If the price for the product is passed in international USD format ($0.00), we will use that format.

Is it possible to limit the number of products pulled to the email message content? Unfortunately, it is not possible to limit the number of products. All products abandoned in the cart will be added to the email message content. However, as for the Product abandonment workflow, only the last 4 products will be added to the email message content (e.g. if client visits 8 product pages, only last 4 will be shown in the email).

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