Healthy email lists are crucial for successful email marketing campaigns. By saying “healthy” we mean that all your contacts have subscribed to your newsletters of their own free will, they are engaged with your brand and are aware of your upcoming email communication.

After you create a new list of subscribers, you can add subscribers in four different ways:

If you are just about to start building your subscriber list, Omnisend provides the most popular kinds of signup forms for your store:

These forms are easily customizable, so you can seamlessly pick your brand colors and copy-writing, and start gathering emails right away!

One more thing regarding Omnisend signup forms - the sooner you set them up, the more customers you will be able to reach with automated cart recovery emails. So don’t procrastinate!

You can group your subscribers into segments and lists with Omnisend. While sending a bulk email campaign, you can choose which list(s) to send your campaign to. The same works for segments.

If the same subscriber appears in two or three different email lists, we do not count it more than once. One email means one subscriber - it doesn’t matter how many lists and segments it belongs to.

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