Product Recommender is a content block that allows you to automatically include your best sellers or latest products on your campaigns and automation emails. Using this content block on your campaigns or automated emails will automatically include your most recent products or best sellers.

Note that this article is dedicated to Classic email builder, if you work in a New email builder, jump to the dedicated guide.


Before you start

About Product Recommender

Block content

Block settings


Before you start

  • Product Recommender is available for Omnisend users with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Woocommerce, or API integration

  • It is available on all the Omnisend pricing plans

About Product Recommender

Product Recommender automatically pulls 2-4 products from your store - images, titles, descriptions, prices, and links to the product. You can also choose, which information should be included.

Product Recommender is refreshing every hour to ensure the latest information is pulled out from your store.

As recommended products are pulled at the most appropriate moment (to have the latest info), they do not appear on the editor but are automatically added to the email once it is sent out to the recipient. Recommended products are shown only in campaigns and not test emails or email preview.

To start using Product Recommender, head to either of your emails (a new campaign or a particular email on either of your automation workflows). Once you are on the Content step, drag and drop Product Recommender content block from the right sidebar to your email.

Once you have your content block in place, you can start editing it.

Block content

Start editing the Product Recommender block by selecting the type you want to use.

Best sellers

This type pulls products that are sold the most times in your store in the last 9 months. For this setting to work, your store needs to have data on recent orders.

Newest products

This type pulls products that are recently added to your store. It acts upon the date when the product was published, not updated.

Personalized recommendations

You can start from the video recording or look through the instructions provided below.

In the Automations, you will have one more type to select - 'Personalized recommendations'. It pulls products based on order history data.

If the customer doesn’t have any orders, you can select the best selling or newest products to be shown.

Use this type to suggest more highly-relevant products for your post-purchase or win-back workflows. There’s no need to manually pick the items for cross-sell or upsell automations anymore - you can simply insert Personalized Recommendations and drive repeat sales while providing real value to the customer.

Note! The same product will not be recommended again if the customer has purchased it within the last 365 days.

Once you've chosen the type of your Product Recommender block, edit the content that should be shown.

  • Choose the information you want it to pull automatically each time (image, title, description, price, old price)

  • Edit the title (shown above products, you can go ahead with something like "Our best sellers", "Our latest additions", etc.)

  • Edit the button text (it is automatically prefilled with a link to that particular product)

Block settings

The settings tab allows you to:

  • Change the number of products Product Recommender should automatically pull. You can choose to have 2, 3, or 4 products.

  • Change content alignment and image settings

  • Edit the style of the content block to best match your brand. You can edit this at your template design settings as well.

  • Change the padding settings (spaces above and beyond this content block)

Once you are done, simply click Save & Close.


Is it possible to exclude products that I don't want to show in Product recommender? We don't offer "exclude products" functionality yet, but we hope to introduce it in future versions.

If the product is out-of-stock, will it be recommended? Product recommender will recommend out of stock products too. Improvement expected soon.

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