In order to connect your Prestashop store and Omnisend, you'lll need to create an Omnisend account. You can do that by going to our official website.


Setup process

In Omnisend account, go to Store settings in your Profile menu > Integrations & API > API key > click Create API key. 

Keep all the permissions checked

Click Save and copy the generated API key. Go to your Prestashop store > Omnisend Plugin and paste the code. Hit Save. Omnisend will start synchronizing with your online store soon. 

Important: PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THE PLUGIN WINDOW until the initial synchronization with your store is complete, otherwise, your current data will not be imported. If you accidentally closed the window, please reopen it and the plugin will continue synchronizing the data.

Getting started with Omnisend

Here are the resources for you to get started with Omnisend:

If you have questions, feel free to contact us via or start a conversation inside your Omnisend account.

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