You can download the Magento 1 extension in the official Magento Marketplace.

⚠️Magento recently announced the discontinuation of the Magento v1 support. Existing Omnisend users can continue using the M1 version for as long as they want. If you wish to get the latest features of Omnisend, we recommend to improve your integration using our API documentation or consider possible migration to Magento v.2 or other platforms. Complete this form, and a member of our partnership team will connect you with the right experts.


Integration process

  1. First, create an API key by going to Store settings in your Profile menu > Integrations & API > API key > click Create API key.

Keep all the permission settings checked:

Note: your contacts will be sent to All contacts list, and for all newly added and updated contacts via Magento, we will add a tag "source: magento". That way, you will be able to create a segment and filter the list of contacts that were added from Magento. Just create a segment on Profile data where the tag is "source: magento".

Learn more about segments here.

2. Click Save and copy the generated API key.

3. Find Omnisend Plugin in your Magento store, paste the code, and hit Save. Omnisend will start synchronizing with your online store soon. You can refresh the page of the Omnisend plugin to check the latest synchronization statistics.

The synchronization requires a Magento Cron to be correctly configured on your store's server. You should contact the developer of your online store and ask whether the Cron is present. 

If not, then you can manually initiate an alternative synchronization by clicking the link in the Synchronization message.

Important: once you manually initiate an alternative synchronization, DO NOT CLOSE the window until it is complete. If you accidentally close the window, you'll need to reopen it, and the sync will be automatically resumed.


Getting started with Omnisend

Here are the resources for you to get started with Omnisend:

If you have questions, feel free to contact us via

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