An additional channel to contact your clients and inform them about their Abandoned Carts and/or Placed Orders. 


Before you start

For the feature to work properly, please make sure your account fulfills the following requirements:

Only one Facebook Messenger app can be on your store
• At least one automation flow with Facebook Messenger block is enabled
• You have at least one page created within your Facebook account.
• Facebook Messenger app is connected with Omnisend
• Your site domain has HTTPS
• Only one Add to cart button has to be on a product page
• Facebook Messenger is available for Trial and Pro plan users only
• Facebook Messenger is available for Shopify, Bigcommerce and API ecommerce platforms.
• Snippet is added (if your store is connected via API)

Important note: Messenger channel works ONLY if the contact is identified on a website (they are already your subscribers) and the relevant user email is the same as the email they registered with on Facebook.

Connecting Facebook Messenger

In your Store settings go to Connected apps > click Connect New App:

Select Facebook Messenger from the list of available apps:

Click CONNECT and follow the wizard:

Note, in case your store domain is not the same as the one on Facebook page, you will need to white-list your store domain. To do so, navigate to your Facebook page Settings > Messenger Platform > Whitelisted Domains > add and save your store domain.

Setting up Automated workflows

Now that you have connected Omnisend with your Facebook Messenger, you can start sending messages to your customers using automation. Facebook messenger works with the following automation workflows:

Important note: messages with Facebook Messenger can only be sent within 24 hours window (Facebook requirement). You can send as many messages as you like, however after 24 hours you will only be allowed to send one last message.

You will be able to add Facebook Messenger to the Automated workflow from the Editor:

  1. Drag and Drop from the main menu.

2. Click on the red + sign in the flow

Now personalize your message in the Editor panel on the right side of your screen:

You will have an option to send a Welcome Message to greet your anonymous contacts and ask to subscribe. Welcome message is triggered if the checkbox ticked, but the customer is not subscribed/identified on your store.

To edit the Checkbox settings, click Checkbox in the editor:

You will be able to customize the default text is "Send me purchase updates and promotions on Facebook Messenger" as well as Success text, Size of plugin, Plugin text color and alignment.

As soon as you enable the workflow, a checkbox option will appear on your store. In case you cannot see Facebook Messenger checkbox after going through all of the steps and requirements, please contact our Support team for manual integration at


Samples of Facebook Messenger messages

Abandoned Cart reminder: 

Order Confirmation notification:

Shipping Confirmation notification:

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