Knowing how important is for you to get your customer's feedback about their recent shopping experience, we have introduced the Customer Feedback content block for our automated workflows and a preset Customer Feedback automated workflow. These new features will provide you with additional data that you will be able to use to segment your contacts and reach more targeted groups, based on their good or bad experience.

Before you start

  • Customer feedback workflow and content block are available on Trial, Pro and Enterprise plan
  • The features are available on all ecommerce platforms and integration types
  • This workflow can be set with triggers Order Placed and Order Status Change only


Customer Feedback automation workflow

To start collecting the feedback from your customers after they make a purchase on your store, go to Automation tab, click on Create Workflow > Buyer > Customer feedback.

The setup process is the same as all our automated workflows - check our Automation Setup for more details. However, the major difference is the predefined customer feedback collection content block (for the setup of it, scroll down this article). 

This automated workflow already has one email in it and we suggest using the following trigger and delay:

  • Trigger: Order fulfillment status is fulfilled. Feel free to change it by clicking Edit workflow. You can set it up to anything that works best for you, just keep in mind that Customer Feedback automation only works with Order Placed and Order Status Change triggers.

Edit audience settings to trigger your automation for the specific audience only, more about creating a segment here

  • Delay: we suggest waiting 5 days after the order is fulfilled. Feel free to adjust that according to how long it usually takes for your products to be shipped to the customer.

Important: the delays will always be counted starting from the end of the previous event, not from the trigger. 

  • Cancellation trigger: this workflow does not have a predefined cancellation trigger as it only contains one message, but feel free to set it up if you add more messages to the workflow. Standard list of cancellation triggers can be used with this workflow.

To edit the content of your automated customer feedback email, just click on the Edit. The Customer Feedback content block will be already in place and you will be able to design it, move it, or change the texts on it as instructed above. 


Customer Feedback content block

Customer Feedback can act as an already preset automation workflow or can be used as a separate content block. You can request your customers to evaluate their shopping experience with the following workflows: Order Follow-up and Order Confirmation

Add the block as you add any other content block - just drag and drop it to the preferred position on a particular automated email.

The Feedback block will appear in your preferred place on the email.

You can then personalize the text, including thumb texts, and the colors within the Content Editor. You can change (or translate) the headline, thumb up and thumb down texts.


Segmenting customers by feedback

Once you start collecting the feedback from your customers, you will be able to send even more targeted campaigns and automated workflows, based on their given feedback. For that you will need to select, under Segments, the rules: Shopping Behavior > Placed > Order > Customer order feedback

Visit our Segments section for more information. 


Popular use cases

There is a number of ways you can use the collected feedback from your customers. We provide you with 3 most popular ways to get the most out of it.

  1. Exclude customers who left a bad feedback from segments which are synced with Facebook or Google.
  2. Create a segment with customers who left bad feedback and send them an automated flow asking for more info. You can link a Google Form in those messages and this way collect even more detailed feedback on what's not ok.
  3. Create a segment with customers who left bad feedback and set it as a cancellation for any workflow.


Customer feedback with 3rd party apps

You also have an option to collect customer feedback via 3rd party apps. Good news is, that you can integrate some of those apps with Omnisend and use the feedback you collect for your communication. The most popular apps our customers use for feedback, reviews are:

Find the full list of available 3rd party app integrations here.
If you still have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support team which is available 24/7 via in-app chat or email.

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