In the Reports, Sales graph indicates the number of sales generated by a campaign or automation and the number of orders placed. In ecommerce, sales are the main indicator of the success of email marketing campaigns. Omnisend tracks sales from all channels and shows it next to other metrics of that particular campaign or automation, so that you can get a full view of the results.

Sales tracking across different channels

Sales tracking is available on all platforms (full API integration is required in case you have a custom ecommerce platform) and works out of the box with all Omnisend apps  or plugins.

For now, Omnisend can track your sales in these channels:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Push notifications
  • Facebook Messenger

If you have more than one channel in the workflow, we will be able to attribute the purchase to that particular message.

About sales tracking 

Sales tracking allows you to understand, which campaign or automation performs the best. Once a message is received (through any of the above mentioned channels) by your subscriber and that subscriber clicks on a link in that message, we immediately start tracking them.

If that particular customer makes a purchase from that message, we automatically attribute it to that campaign or automation. 

We track sales through cookies. After your subscriber completes at least one of the steps described below, we place a cookie in their web browser:

  • Clicks any link in your Omnisend newsletter (this means that they are already your subscribers) and adds a product to a cart; 
  • Subscribes using your Omnisend signup form (new subscriber). 

Note: For Shopify users, we track sales not only through cookies, but also through the discount codes. In this way sales tracking across different devices could also work.

The Omnisend Dashboard

You can now track all sales related activity in one place with our Omnisend Dashboard. You will be able to study data such as revenue, sales differentiated by campaigns and automation, orders placed, and more.

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