Now you can save and reuse a specific content block that you created in a template. If you have a content block you would also like to use in other templates, create it, save it under saved blocks and it will be available in any campaign or automation you create in the future.

This new feature will save you time, as you will no longer need to create new customized templates from scratch.

Note, this guide is dedicated to classic Email Builder; read about saved blocks in the new Email Builder in the dedicated guide.


Saving content blocks
Managing saved content blocks
Deleting saved content blocks
Important to know

Saving content blocks

When you finalized editing your block, click Save icon > Name your block > Save:

Your content block will appear under Saved Blocks tab. It will automatically be available for use in other campaigns and automation workflows. 

You can save as many content blocks as you need, just make sure you have a unique name so you can easily find the one you need.

Managing saved content blocks

It is possible to manage and override saved content blocks. Click Save icon > Save as existing block > Choose block > Save

Note, saved content blocks are not linked to templates, if you edit a saved content block that you used in another template it will not be automatically populated there and you will need to change it manually.

Deleting saved content blocks

If you have a saved block that you no longer need, you can easily delete it. Just go to:
Saved blocks > click Delete chosen content blocks > Check the block you wish to delete > Click Delete

Important to know

Not all content blocks can be saved. For example, if you wish to save an Abandoned Cart Content Block it would not work, as the product details are automatically populated from your store.

Here is a list of blocks that cannot be saved under saved content blocks: 

  • Product Recommender

  • Abandoned Products

  • Customer Feedback

  • Preheader

  • Logo / header

  • Footer

  • Badge

  • Gift Box

  • Scratch Card

  • Discount

  • Checkout button

  • Order tracking button

  • Order

  • Order status button

  • Order note

  • Billing and Shipping

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