You can use WhatsApp to send order updates and shipping notifications to your customers. It is convenient to use WhatsApp, as you can share images and promo links with your customers via mobile. Connect WhatsApp with Omnisend and start sending automated messages to boost your sales.


Before you start

WhatsApp is a new communication channel for highly reputable businesses. A few things to know before you continue with WhatsApp connection:

  • WhatsApp activation fee is 2000eur
  • Account activation by WhatsApp can take up to 5 business days
  • There is a monthly fee by WhatsApp, depending on the numbers of messages sent within the last 30 days. 
  • WhatsApp charges for the first message sent to the contact. If your contact reacts, other messages will be free of charge for the next 24 hours. Cost per message will solely depend on the country
  • You will need approval from WhatsApp for your message templates (does not cost you anything, but keep in mind)
  • Sign Partnership agreement with WhatsApp after their approval is received
  • You can only send transactional messages via WhatsApp and Abandoned cart
  • Available on the Enterprise plan only


Setup process

WhatsApp integrations are currently available upon request.
If you wish to use WhatsApp channel on your store, on your Omnisend account go to Store settings > Connected Apps  > click Connect new App > find WhatsApp and click Connect:

You will then be asked to answer the following questions:

  1. Describe how you intend to use WhatsApp messages
  2. Volume of intended messages

Provide answers and click Submit request to proceed further. Our Team will contact you and will provide information about the next approval steps!
When your request is approved, you will need to create a template message (pre-approved by WhatsApp team) and upload it into your Facebook business account. 

Only approved templates would be active automated messages, however if the customer replies to your automated message, you will have a 24 hour window to send “free form” messages. Just keep in mind, WhatsApp team will be monitoring the number of free messages you send to avoid spam complaints.  

Benefiting from WhatsApp marketing

Give your customers a choice to use a channel that they feel comfortable with for order and shipping updates, and enjoy higher open and click through rates. With Omnisend you can connect channels that your customers use most and get more sales instantly. Omnisend customers who use omnichannel marketing enjoy 90% higher customer retention rate. So if you have WhatsApp as an additional channel in your store, there is a higher chance of reaching your customers wherever they are.


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