Custom properties in forms feature to allow you to collect additional data to the predefined properties about your subscribers. For example, if you wish to know your subscribers' clothing size to send more targeted messages based on the product supplies you currently have, you can ask this information via signup forms.

Before you start

Custom properties can be added to all Omnisend signup forms:

  • Popup
  • Signup Box
  • Landing Page
  • Wheel of Fortune

You can add custom properties to the new forms you create or edit the ones you already have.

The feature is available for our Trial, Standard, and Pro plan users.

Set up process

1. To add a custom property, go to the Content & Design section of your form and click on Add additional field:

2. In this step you can choose our predefined properties or if you wish to add an existing or create new custom property, click Add custom property:

3. Add Property name option will be visible to you only and will help you spot the right custom property if you create a few of those. Make sure you select Field type for what type of symbols your customers can submit in the form, then click Add:

4. Adding a Field label (custom property name visible to your customer) is optional. You can leave it blank and only Add placeholder text as the example below:

When you finalized a custom property, a Required field will be set as default. You can unmark it and leave it for your subscriber to decide if he wishes to provide relevant information to you or not.

Don't forget to click Save & Proceed to save the changes you made!

What is next

When your customers provide custom information by subscribing via Omnisend forms, the information will instantly become available in your subscriber profile page. How to use it? With custom information about your clients you can send personalized communication to your customers. Read more about Personalization in different channels and how to set up Segment Entry and Exit based Automation workflows.


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