⚠️Omnisend now automatically collects subscribers for Shopify users from their footer.

If you still have integrated the Newsletter signup form (a default form that is already embedded in your eCommerce platform), but your subscriber emails are not coming through to Omnisend subscribers lists, we have a solution for you!

In this article, you will learn how to get your newsletter signup form to feed contacts to your Omnisend account.

⚠️Your form and input element identifiers are not in our identifiers pool.

You need to manually change the form and input element identifiers in your HTML code:

1. Go to the Forms tab in your Omnisend account.

2. Find Integration of "Newsletter Signup Form" and click on "Check & Fix". Ensure to "Enable Subscribers Collection" if it's not enabled already.

3. On your store, where the newsletter signup form is located, open your browser's developer tools. How to open Developers Tools for different browsers.

Note: this troubleshooting is written on MAC and CHROME browsers. Examples in this article will be for the CHROME browser only.

4. Press on the "select an element" icon 

5. Select the newsletter signup form.

6. You should see a similar HTML code in the developer tools. The selected input element is where you enter the email address. Remember it.

7. Find the first form element above the selected input element and remember it as well.

8. Find these form and input elements in your shop's code. Just note, the location of those will depend on the shop platform and on the theme you use. Once you locate them, update the element attributes accordingly:

  • Add the attribute "class" to form element with the value "omnisend-subscribe-form"

  • Add the attribute "class" to input element with the value "omnisend-subscribe-input-email"

9. After you entered the recommended attributes, go to the store page where your newsletter signup form is located, refresh it and subscribe to the newsletter form with your test email.

10. Go back to your Omnisend account and click Check Now button on the newsletter form.

If the email has been successfully captured - you should see the enabled form and that means you have successfully integrated your newsletter signup form.

However, if the email is not added to Omnisend you should see the following error:

Refresh the page and check again after a few minutes. If you followed all the steps and still can't get the form to work, contact our Support Team [email protected], and we will be happy to assist!

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