Each contact on your list has a Profile page where you can view all the details that you have collected about that contact, including the channels via which a client agreed to receive marketing from you, activity, info about orders and products, and more. You can also edit contact information, delete or export your contact directly from their profile page.


Viewing Contact Profile Page

To view a specific contact, navigate to Audience tab > choose All contacts or a specific segment within Saved segments > find and click on the contact you wish to view. 

You will be brought directly to your contact's Profile page:

In the Profile page you will find the following information about your contact:

Contact Name

This section will include available information about your contact name, last name, location and date when the contact was added.


This will display all the channels via which your contact agreed to receive communication from you, i.e. email, push notification, SMS, etc.


You will find all the default properties about your contact, such as email, address, phone number, etc. and custom properties, if you collected any of those about that contact.The last contact's opt-in date will also be visible.


In this section, you will see some overall statistics of orders and revenue gained from that contact.


Here you will find all of the tags you used to identify your contact. Learn all about Tags in our help article here.


This section will show you all of the segments your contact belongs to.


Activity feed is designed to display a visual timeline of your contact's engagement throughout time. Each session will show what actions your client took on your store on a particular day.


Here you will find information about all the orders your contact made.


Products section will show you what products your client viewed, bought and more. This way you will be able to send a custom promotion to your client with a personal discount offer!
Note: this section will not display all of the products that your client purchased. Currently, we only feed information here about products that is tracked in the Live view reports.

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