Shoelace is a 3rd party app that helps show the right ads, to the right customer, at the right time to tell your brand story.

When you integrate Omnisend and Shoelace, you will be able to boost your email campaigns in your audience re-targeting!

Currently this integration is available upon request for our Standard and Pro plan users.

Setup process

Here is how you can simply request Shoelace integration with Omnisend:

  1. Go to Store Settings > Connected Apps and click Connect new App:

2.  Find Shoeleace on the list and click Request:

3. You will then be prompted with the question: Please describe how you intend to use Shoelace. Provide the answer and click on the Submit Request button:

And that's all! Our Team will catch up with you and share all the information necessary to complete your Shoelace integration with Omnisend!

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