To manage and store your contacts in the most convenient way we recommend working with segments. If you have used Omnisend services for quite some time, you may be used to creating lists, but we assure you, using segments is as easy and convenient!

Segments are becoming more powerful - there is no need to have segments and lists as two separate methods of differentiating contacts. So we are unifying lists and segments to improve the way you work with your contacts on Omnisend and make it more efficient. 

We are moving all of your Lists to Saved segments, by giving your list a tag and tagging all the contacts in that specific list. And no need to worry, we are taking care of all other areas where contacts are involved as well - forms, integrations, campaigns, automation, etc.

To reach your saved segments navigate to Audience tab > Saved segments

We have created a short video to explain, how you can easily work with saved segments, the ones replacing your lists:

Important to note, we are rolling improvements gradually and we have released some features for working with contacts already:

  1. Importing contacts to segments instead of lists
  2. Working with contact tags in audience, forms, automation

If you wish to do more with Omnisend segments, follow this article to learn more about setting up dynamic segments.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support team!

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