With a unified Shopify and Omnisend solution you can now create a quick email campaign and send it right from Shopify. This could be a great solution for launching a new product or promoting exclusive deals.

Use Shopify’s Marketing Campaigns activity to quickly create and send simple email campaigns without leaving Shopify - process steps below!

Setup process

1. Open Marketing section in your Shopify account > click Create campaign

2. Select Create email campaign by Omnisend activity from the list

3. Name your activity in the campaign form

4. Enter all of the essential information for the email campaign to be created:

  • Subject line - subject of your email. This is one of the most important parts and can make a huge difference between opened or deleted emails.

  • Sender’s name - sender’s name for your email

  • Sender’s email - select the email you would like to send your campaign from. Learn more about sender’s email here

  • Preheader - an optional short text that follows the Subject line of your email

  • Campaign name - optional campaign name for your internal use. If you leave it blank, the campaign name will be the same as the subject line.

  • Language - the language for your email’s header and footer parts

5. Create an email content. Your email’s campaign preview will become available only after you complete the required fields and select the template:

  • Template - select Omnisend’s default template (London) or your custom saved template. Learn more about saved templates here.

  • Title - enter an optional title for your email content

  • Text content - enter an optional text for your email content. Have in mind, that you can use basic HTML tags here to enrich and format your text content. Learn more about supported html tags here.

  • Button text - enter a button text for your link

  • Button URL - paste a link were your button should link to, if you are using it

  • Select product - choose one of your products to be automatically added to your email (optional)

  • Product button text - enter product button text if you would like to have a button linking to the product page

6. Recipients - select the audience for your email. You can send to all of your subscribers or to the saved segments only. Learn more about creating segments here.

7. Schedule your campaign - enter the exact time when your email campaign should be sent.

That's it! You are all set. Click Publish activity when you are done and your campaign will be sent via Omnisend. 

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