New to Omnisend? We will help you to get set up for success to grow you business!

Omnisend is a marketing automation platform tailored for ecommerce businesses that combines email, SMS, Google & Facebook Ads marketing and more into one single omnichannel platform.

There is no need to download or install any software onto your computer to begin using Omnisend as it is a web-based application that works on most web modern browsers. To make sure it works properly on your browser, you just need to check if cookies, pop-ups, and JavaScript are enabled.


Your starter guide

To make sure your first experience with Omnisend is smooth, we suggest following these steps:

  1. Connect your store to your Omnisend account. Follow this guide if you wish to connect Multiple stores to one account.
  2. Grow and manage you contact list by using Omnisend provided signup forms on your store to have customers signup for your newsletter, to alert them about a deal, or gather more information about their preferences.
  3. Enable automation workflows to keep a dialogue with your customers. Automation flows are triggered based on your customers' actions, such as sign up, purchase, product viewed or added to cart, and more.
  4. If you are migrating from another service provider, send regular newsletters to engaged subscribers first to have good open rates for your email campaigns 
  5. Monitor your performance to know how successful your campaigns, automation flows and signup forms are.


First steps

Enable a popup form to collect subscribers

Set up a Welcome email automation flow

Send your first email campaign


Additional resources

To continue building your Omnisend account, we suggest using the following resources:

All Omnisend users are eligible for our 24/7 support, so if you run into any issues on your account, reach out to our Support team!

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