With a unified Shopify and Omnisend solution you can now quickly create and send simple email campaigns without leaving Shopify or set a a basic Abandoned cart email! Omnisend Abandoned cart email setup directly in Shopify could be a great feature for customers that search for a quick Abandoned cart automation solution.


Before you start
Setup process

Before you start

  • Abandoned cart by Omnisend activity in Shopify is available on all the Omnisend plans;

  • The activity is limited to one email sequence only with one trigger and one delay settings;

  • It was designed for quick use and contains only text, discount and product blocks in the email;

  • As soon as the activity is published it becomes available for editing on Omnisend app > Automation tab; 

  • You can add more emails, trigger rules and edit design in Omnisend app, but such changes will not be reflected on your Shopify activity. Check Abandoned cart on Omnisend setup if you wish to send advanced Abandoned cart messages to your customers.


Setup process

1. Open Marketing section in your Shopify account > Automations > click Create automation:

2. Select Abandoned Cart Email Automation by Omnisend activity from the list:

3. Name your activity in the automation form:

4. Continue with the settings for your abandoned cart email:

  • Delay - when the email should be sent out after the cart was abandoned

  • Subject line - subject of your email. This is one of the most important parts and can make a huge difference between opened or deleted emails.

  • Preheader - an optional short text that follows the subject line of your email

  • Sender’s name - sender’s name for your email

  • Sender’s email - select the email you would like to send your automation email from. Learn how to add and verify sender’s email here.

  • Text content - enter an optional text for your email content. Have in mind, that you can use basic HTML tags here to enrich and format your text content. Learn more about supported html tags here.

  • Button text - enter a button text for your link

  • Product button text - change button text for your product link if you wish

5. Set the discount code for abandoned products to encourage your customers to make that purchase:

  • Discount type - change if you wish to offer the discount in specific amount or free shipping

  • Discount value - select the amount or percentage for the discount you are offering

  • Expiry period - choose the expiry date for your discount

  • Title - enter an optional title for your offer

  • Offer text

  • Button text

Note: all fields are optional in case you decide not include the discount in your Abandoned cart sequence.

6. Preview the email that you just created to see how it looks on desktop and mobile and hit Publish activity button if you are ready to turn the Abandoned cart automation on. 

That's it, you will see your activity active as soon as it's published!

Note: when you are editing the flow in Omnisend app, the status on Shopify will change to Paused. As soon as you publish the changes, the flow status will change to Active, though only changes in the available content blocks will be visible on Shopify.

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