In this article, we'll present the first session from our Onboarding series. It will walk you through the following stages:

  1. Omnisend Integrations — connecting your store and third-party applications to your Omnisend account.

  2. Account set-up — changing the language and time zone, adding the sender's email, logo, and social links, billing info, working with multiple accounts in Omnisend.

  3. Migrating from other platforms — necessary actions for a successful migration

  4. Deliverability and Warming up — essential aspects of the Deliverability concept, starting your warm-up plan with Omnisend.

You can start from the video recording or look through the instructions provided below.

1. Omnisend Integrations

Integrate your store with Omnisend

Before you can start using Omnisend, you need to connect your store or a website. The integration process for each of the platforms is different, so we recommend searching for instructions for your store platform. If you cannot find a dedicated article, you need to proceed with manual integration.

Integrate third-party applications

When you choose to migrate to a different ESP, this transition should be as smooth as possible. If you were collecting your subscribers with a different application, or if you had another application running your loyalty program, in both cases, you should make sure you transfer your contacts and the data those apps have collected.

Integrate third-party apps with Omnisend

Import contacts from a file or other service

2. Account set-up

Language & translations

You can always change the language in the Automation, Campaign, and Sign-up form settings, however, before you proceed, you can also set the default language and translations in your Store Settings. It will automatically apply the translation to all of the assets and save your time in the future.

Translations for Campaigns and Automated Emails

Time zone

By default, we set the time zone based on the address you provide to the registration form. If you choose to schedule your Campaign for later, it will be sent in the time zone specified in your account. To change the Time zone, proceed to Store Settings -> Contact information.

Scheduling Email Campaign

Adding the sender's email address

Before you can start sending Email Campaign or Automation workflows, you need to add and verify the email address from which your emails will be sent. We recommend using the email address on your store domain.

Sender's Email Address

If you add a default logo and social links to your account settings, you won't need to add the logo and link to each of your emails manually.

Default Logo and Social Links

Working with multiple accounts 

In the Account Management page, you can see different online stores connected to your email address. If you have more than one store, you can register it there. Note, if you register your stores under the same email address on the Account Management page, you'll be able to use one credit card only.

If you want to use different credit cards, you need to register your stores under the various owner email addresses. Later, the same user can be added to all of your accounts to get easy access, exchange your templates, and automation workflows between different accounts.

Learn how to manage multiple stores in Omnisend

Adding billing information and upgrading your account

We grant you a 14-day Free Trial and downgrade your account to the Free plan when the trial expires. Therefore, you don't need to rush and upgrade your subscription right away. You can take your time to explore the platform and proceed with the upgrade when you're ready.

Omnisend Pricing plans 2020

3. Migrating from other platforms

If you are just starting with online marketing, you can skip this section, but if you already had an account with a different service provider, you should make sure you transfer your data correctly.

Migrating to Omnisend from another Email Service Provider

4. Deliverability and Warming up

It's never too early to start working on your deliverability. When switching from one email marketing platform to another, the server used for sending your emails will change as well. Your new email servers are not allowed to send large numbers of emails in one go, so to make sure your emails get delivered to the right inboxes — sending volumes should be increased in increments over time.

During this starting period, service providers will be looking into your customers' engagement with your emails. If you send them to the most engaged category and receive a bunch of positive actions (opens, clicks) as opposed to bounces or spam reports, your sender's reputation will improve.

Warm-up with Omnisend

Improving deliverability with engaged contacts

Key takeaways 

  1. Set everything up in your account to ease the use of the platform in the future 

  2. Take the advantage of the 14 days Trial 

  3. Warm-up if you are migrating from another service provider or have been collecting your contacts for quite some time 

  4. Take good regular care of your Contacts list

We've already come to the end of this guide, where we looked into the general settings in your account. In the upcoming tutorials, we'll start creating different content, including Sign-up forms, Automation workflows, Campaigns, and more.

💡 Here at Omnisend, we believe that the most relevant marketing should always be multichannel. With a customer-centric approach, you should not only take care of your promotional content but also approach your customers through the communication channel they prefer. With all of that said we encourage you to check all of the channels, that Omnisend has to offer.

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