In this article, we'll present the third session from our On-boarding series that will walk you through the following stages:

  1. Automation statistics - understanding what automation workflows perform the best and what benefits you can gain
  2. Workflow overview on Omnisend - quick overview of different types of automation workflows that can be created in Omnisend
  3. Omnichannel Abandoned cart set-up - short walk through the Abandoned Cart automation set-up 
  4. Best practices - sharing our best practices and recommendations on the automation workflows setup

1. Automation statistics

With the automated workflows, you can take your marketing one step further. They can help personalize your messages based on data you have collected about your customers. You may trigger different automation workflows based on the information from your customers' profiles, their purchase behavior, and interaction with the emails you are sending. 

However, before you start setting-up your automation workflows, we recommend checking the market's best practices and must-have automations lists.

9 Best Email Automation Flows to Increase Ecommerce Revenue

12 Email Marketing Automation Workflows (Complete Guide)

2. Workflow overview on Omnisend

In Omnisend, we see your customers' interaction with your brand as a journey, starting with the first visit to your website up to a loyal customer. At each of the journey stages, different messages should be sent. 

When designing new automation, you may pick one of the presets or create a custom workflow. No matter what option you choose, you will be able to change all of the settings, including triggers, filters, cancellations, and content. 

Before you start changing the default triggers, check the article on the Automation trigger settings to find out what impact it may have on your automations' performance.

Automation Setup

Replacing default notifications in your store

Omnisend doesn't automatically replace the responses sent by your store. If you wish to send your Order Confirmation emails with Omnisend, you need to set-up and enable them in Omnisend and disable in your store settings.

If you are on Shopify, you may want to check the instructions to find out how you can replace the default automatic responses from Shopify

3. Omnichannel Abandoned cart set-up

Abandoned Cart automation is one of those that every store owner wants to have in his library. It is proven to have one of the highest conversation rates and generates the most sales. If you wish to set-up abandoned cart automation, you may find it among one of our presets with the special blocks already added to the message:

  • Abandoned Products - the block sowing the products the customer has added to the cart.
  • Checkout button - the button with the link to the cart the customer abandoned at the checkout.
  • Personalized information (URL to the cart, customer name, address, etc.) - this information is added to the personalization menu and can be added to any of the content blocks in the email message and even to the SMS, Push Notifications or to the message sent through Facebook messenger.

Note, none of these blocks will be populated with the personalized information in the editor.

Find more information on the Abandoned Cart automation set-up.

4. Best practices

Before you start setting-up the automated responses in your Shopify account, check the recommendations and best practices we are sharing.

  1. Always start with your sender's reputation. To increase chances for your message to be delivered to the primary inbox, you should avoid using spam trigger words, maintain a healthy image to text ratio (at least 50/50), encourage your customers to open your emails, and PERSONALIZE your messages.
    Filters in Automation
    Personalization in Channels
  2. Use sign-up forms to educate yourself and the Welcome sequence to educate your customers. In the Sign-up forms and Landing Pages, ask your customers about their preferences, what they like/dislike and what information they would like to receive. In the Welcome sequence, tell them about yourself, the emails you will be sending, offer incentives, and encourage to check the inboxes regularly.  
  3. Don't lose the opportunity to up-sell and promote your products — review market winners and set-up those that you define as must-have. You can start from the pre-sets that we offer in the flow and make your automation workflows even more complex by adding your segments' data.
  4. Stay visible, but do not overwhelm your customers with a vast number of marketing messages. Mind their time zone and personal space. If your customer doesn't engage with the email messages you send, you can attract their attention with a short SMS.
    SMS in Automation


Is it possible to show my products in the Abandoned Cart sequence? Both Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Product automation preset have Abandoned Products content block that will automatically bring the products the customer was checking to the cart. 

If I want to send the default Order Confirmation email that my store sends, how do I stop Omnisend workflows? Omnisend doesn't replace the automatic responses you have in your store. To start sending the emails designed in Omnisend, you need to set-up and enable your workflows here, and also disable them in your store.

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